Sourcing Hex Flange Bolts

While chatting online with a customer on the Aspen Fasteners website, one of our fasteners experts was asked about a specific part that was not available as a standard item; could it be ordered for them?

The client needed the goods and worked with Aspen Fasteners and they were able to get the item that they needed. Problem solved!

Q: I have a requirement for a Hex Flange Bolt in stainless steel similar to your Aspen part ST002-1213X2 (×2.htm) but our engineers insist that there be no indentation on the top of the head.

It is for an outdoor application and we cannot have water collecting on the top of the fastener. Is this available?

A: This is not a standard part so it is unlikely that you can find this from anyone’s inventory, but it can be made. There is no problem having this part produced for you. The price would very much depend on the quantity required and how fast you need the part.

Small quantities and/or short lead times would require the part be made in the USA. For larger quantities or if you have the luxury of waiting 3-4 months for delivery, this part could be produced at one of our certified factories in Asia.

Do you have a similar issue or product that you are trying to source? Have you had a similar experience? Let us know!

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