Product Torque Range

Product specifications can be a tricky area to navigate without the right information. Moreover, having the right info and knowing whether the item you have will do the job is paramount.

In today’s Ask the Aspen Experts post, a client wanted to know about the maximum torque for a specific product as follows:

Q: What is the maximum tightening torque to be used on a DIN 7991 flat socket cap screw with a 16mm diameter?

A: This of course depends on the material the fastener is made of. If using a carbon steel fastener of a 10.9 class, the recommended maximum tightening torque is 110 Nm (Newton-metre). If using a stainless steel fastener (A2-70 or A4-70 grade), the recommended maximum tightening torque is 55 Nm.

To learn more about Newton-metre, or to see what the conversion ratio is to foot-pounds, check this Wikipedia link:

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