Metric DIN 7349 Thick Flat Washers Specification Sheet

Metric DIN 7349 Thick Flat Washers for Bolts with Heavy Type Spring Pins Specification Sheet

Metric Din 7349 Thick Flat Washer

Metric Din 7349 Thick Flat Washer

Metric DIN 7349 thick flat washers for bolts with heavy type spring pins are circular flat washers with a central hole that are thicker and have a larger outer diameter (OD) than the most commonly used metric flat washer (DIN 125). Consequently, the DIN 7349 thick flat washers have a larger surface area and are used where larger bearing surfaces are required. Aspen Fasteners offers over 500,000 unique fastener products from stock in inch and metric standard in a variety of materials and finishes. The following sizes of DIN 7349 thick flat washers are available for immediate shipping from stock: Diameters ranging from M3 to M30 in regular zinc plated steel and stainless steel A2 and stainless steel A4. View parts by clicking on the following link: Metric DIN 7349 Thick Flat Washers or contact our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff for more information and/or an immediate quote.

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ASSP7349232 M3.2
ASSP7349243 M4.3
ASSP7349253 M5.3
ASSP7349264 M6.4
ASSP7349284 M8.4
ASSP73492105 M10.5
ASSP73492130 M13
ASSP73492150 M15
ASSP73492170 M17
ASSP73492190 M19
ASSP73492210 M21
ASSP73492230 M23
ASSP73492250 M25
ASSP7349432 M3.2
ASSP7349443 M4.3
ASSP7349453 M5.3
ASSP7349464 M6.4
ASSP7349484 M8.4
ASSP73494105 M10.5
ASSP73494130 M13
ASSP73494150 M15
ASSP73494170 M17
ASSP73494190 M19
ASSP73494210 M21
ASSP73494230 M23
ASSP73494250 M25

To view the full specification and standard sheet with dimension, material, weight and mechanical properties click on the link at the top of page

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