Metric DIN 125 Flat Washers Specification Sheet

Metric DIN 125 Flat Washers Specification Sheet


Metric DIN 125 Flat Washers are standard metric flat washers – a circular metal disc with a central hole. Typically used to distribute the load over a larger bearing surface either positioned below the head of a bolt or below the nut. This even distribution over a larger area reduces the chance of damaging the bearing surface. A washer could also be used if the outer diameter of a mating nut is smaller than the hole through which the screw is placed. Aspen Fasteners offers over 500,000 unique fastener products from stock in inch and metric standard in a variety of materials and finishes. The following sizes of DIN 125 Flat Washers are available for immediate shipping from stock: Diameters ranging from M3 to M72 in steel and stainless steel A2 and A4. View parts by clicking on the following link: DIN 125 Flat Washers

To view the full pdf specification and standard sheet with dimension, material, weight and mechanical properties click on the link at the top of page

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