Metric Din 1 Taper Pins Specification Sheet

Metric Din 1 Specifications


Metric DIN 1 taper pins solid steel rods that tapers through the length to a smaller diameter at one end. Standard inch-sized taper pins have a taper on diameter of 1:48 while DIN 1 metric taper pins have a taper of 1:50. Metric DIN 1 taper pins are used to secure two objects together. Because of their wedge shape, taper pins are self locking in that the further it is inserted, the tighter the connection. As they are seated a friction force develops along the whole length and diameter of the pin which locks the pin in place. Aspen Fasteners offers over 500,000 unique fastener products from stock in inch and metric standard in a variety of materials and finishes. The following sizes of DIN 1 taper pins are available for immediate shipping from stock: Diameters ranging from M1.5 to M20 upto 120mm long in steel and stainless steel A1. View parts by clicking on the following link: Metric DIN 1 Taper Pins or contact our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff for more information and/or an immediate quote.

To view the full specification and standard sheet with dimension, material, weight and mechanical properties click on the link at the top of page

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