Explaining Dacrotized Finishes

Coatings for different fasteners are as varied as the fasteners themselves. So when talking about Deck Screws, for example, you have to make sure you are comparing apples to apples before buying to ensure that you have the best product.

So, when our customer was unsure of the advantages of a Dacrotized finish, our experts went to work explaining the difference:

Q: What is a dacrotized finish and why should I buy a deck screw that has that versus a non-dacrotized product?

A: The problem that arises with Deck Screws is that there is a huge variance in quality that exists on the market. There are no doubt people who are selling less expensive product but the screws are not hardened steel, nor do they have a coating that will withstand extended periods of time without rusting.

The coating we use is a Dacrotized finish – Dacrotizing is a pollution-free ceramic coating for fasteners used with treated lumber.

The coating offers corrosion protection comparable to hot-dip galvanizing without discoloring the wood. Screws with a proper dacrotized coating can typically withstand a 500-hour salt-spray test. Dacrotizing minimizes greatly the risk of hydrogen embrittlement so baking the part is not required after the finish is applied.

Also our screws are an AISI 1018 hardened steel to an HV 550-800 hardness. They will not bend or break or cam out when drilling.

As such, the dacrotized screw is simply a superior quality product.

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