Going with Alternate Solutions

Having trouble sourcing an item with hard to find threading?

Sometimes you can use an alternative and still get the job done.

We had a client looking for a #6-40 fine thread machine screw and nut that he wasn’t able to find anywhere.

Our experts explained to the customer that a #6-40 machine screw is much harder to source than a #6-32, but since they needed both the screw and the nut, using a #6-32 for both would get the job done at a considerably lower cost.

The customer, who was having a hard time finding this part, was thrilled!  Not only did he find a product that fit his needs but he was able to save some money on the purchase too.

When you are trying to source a hard-to-find fastener, and unless you have the appropriate expertise, it can be easy to overlook alternate solutions. And with so many different fasteners out there, there are often many solutions for one specific problem. In this case the user saved time and reduced cost by going to an expert with his challenge.

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