48-2 Trilobular Thread-Rolling Screws (Plastite alternative) for Plastics.

Flat Undercut Torx Drive Plastite-Alternative Screw

Plastite-alternative trilobular thread-rolling screws for use in plasticsSpecially designed trilobular thread-rolling screws for use in plastics.



Our featured product for this month is the 48-2 trilobular thread rolling screw – an economical alternative for the 48-2 Plastite screw, meeting technical specifications.

For Maximum holding power in Plastics

Specialized thread profile, a twin lead thread design and a trilobular thread configuration offers maximum holding power and resistance to vibrational loosening forces.

Easier to drive

The three lobed thread design of the trilobular thread improves displacement of the material between threads and reduces the force needed to insert the screw into plastic.

Main features of 48-2 Plastite Screws

  • Designed for use in plastics.
  • Variety of head styles, drives and materials to suite specific applications .
  • Slightly tapered point and twin lead thread for more effective screw penetration.
  • Thread profile improves grip, reduces stripping and pull-out.
  • Drives twice as fast as a comparable pitch single lead.
  • Thread design increases the failure torque in plastics.


Aspen Fasteners stocks a full line of steel as well as 18-8 and 410 stainless steel 48-2 Plastite alternative screws available for same day shipping from our distribution centers across the USA. And remember, it’s always free shipping.

Read about 48-2 plastite screws in greater detail here

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