Japanese Nuclear Meltdown Causing Backlash, But is it Warranted?

As a result of a massive earth quake and subsequent problems at one of their largest nuclear power plants, Japan is undergoing it worst crisis since the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasake in 1945.

As a result of what is looking more and more like a Chernobyl-like disaster at their coastal nuclear power plant, the world is showing a clearly backlash against nuclear power.

In an article posted on MoneyNews.com, it is explained that many European nations are putting holds on imminent plant deployments to review safety standards.

Here is the full link to the article:

The article goes on to explain that this backlash could end up being a boon for alternative energy sources such as geothermal.

But is this backlash valid or is this more political postering aimed to win public favour?

The reality is that it is probably a bit of both since review safety procedures and standards is never a bad idea, but at the same time why wouldn’t politicians hitch their horse on the momentum of public opinion?

That’s how they tend to stay in power isn’t it?

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