It’s Plow Bolt Season!

Sad but true we are getting into the season for Plow Bolts.

A little info on Plow Bolts

A specialized type of fastener, plow bolts have been in use since 1850. Without obstructing the moldboard, plow bolts allows earth to pass over their heads. Furthermore, they’re used to fasten the blade to motor graders and bulldozers. Plow bots and carriage bolts are pretty similar. However, there is one slight difference—plow bolts have a flat or concave head. A square and a small round countersunk is what plow bolts consist of. The square neck is as wide as the nominal diameter of the bolt. Engineered to fit into a countersunk corner, the belly of the head narrows into a cone-shape.
A square base is what the majority of plow bolts have. However, there are some that have locking or key slot instead. The materials commonly used to manufacture plow bolts are stainless steel and hardened or heat-treated carbon steel. Furthermore, plow bolts come in both standard and metric sizes. Usually, the sizes of plow bolts range from 5/8″ to 1″ in diameter for dome heads and 3/8″ to 3/4″ for flat heads. Depending on size, lengths range from 1 1/2″ to 7″ for dome heads and 1″ to 4″ for flat heads.

The head size varies based on the size of the bolt. The common grade materials of plow bolts include:
• Grade 5 steel plow bolts with zinc finishes
• Grade 8 steel plow bolts with yellow zinc finish

Uses of plow bolts
Both Grade 5 and Grade 8 plow bolts are excellent for use on farm equipment and snow plows. Just like carriage bolts, plow bolts are used for surfaces which require a smooth finish. Originally, plow bolts were used for plows—this is where they go their name from. However, today they are used for many different purposes. The use of plow bolts is required by a lot of heavy equipment. An example of this are snowplows. Other types of equipments where plow bolts are utilized include:
• Bulldozers
• Scoop shovels
• Tractors
• Graders

Getting a plow bolt directly from a manufacturer is recommended simply because buying the right bolt is extremely important. Why? Because you won’t get the desired result from the equipment that uses plow bolts if you choose an inappropriate plow bolt. For example, in order to get rid of the snow, snowplows run a smooth surface against the pavement. However, snowplows can hollow out the ground and wear much quicker if the bolts’ heads aren’t flat. Also, usually for road graders, a grade 8 plow bolt is used. Therefore, road graders won’t function properly if a grade 5-plow bolt was used.

Wide range available.

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